1. “…inquietante, desconcertante, seductora…”The Washington Post2. “…Con sus fugaces alusiones metaliterarias, su sutil fantasía y su inteligente fusión de música y suspense al estilo de un thriller, La Mano nos ofrece un verdadero golpe teatral. … ”The Washington Post3. “…maravilloso vehículo…”The Dallas Morning News4. “…Carro de Baco es, sin duda, un grupo muy especial…”.The Dallas Morning News

5. “…simplemente ingeniosa…”DC Theatre Scene

6. “…todos los ingredientes para el arte del buen teatro están en La Mano…”DC Theatre Scene

7. “…juego excitante…”ABC

8. “…convulsiva comedia negra de giros inesperados…”All Arts Review

9. “…entre Hitchcok y Saramago…”All Arts Review

10. “…virtuosismo escénico… “Notimex de México.


“As cryptic at times as Waiting for Godot, as gory as a midnight movie, The Hand can be enjoyed as dark Grand Guignol comedy or as a serious, violent allegory”  Elaine Liner -Dallas observer-

“A suspenseful socio-political play with many onion-like layers that Baldwin unfolds with

delicious tension”“The story inhabits a land of dreamlike unreality mysterious treasures and quasi-absurd“Might be the hottest show on stage right now” Mark Lowry -TheaterJonesotherworliness” M.Lance Luck -FrontRow-

“Is there a mini Renaissance of Spanish Language Absurdist Theatre happening?”“The overall experience is like biting into a magical and luscious chocolate with an unexpected but very satisfying filling.”Mark-Brian Sonna -The column-

“This is absurdist theater with a sickly twisted sense of humor: Waiting for Godot as directed by Quentin Tarantino. (Director Andy Baldwin even kicks it off with Tarantino-esque mariachi music.) It’s a deliciously evil mindfuck of a play, part Sleuth, part Bunuel film, where the concept of “a pound of flesh” takes on an odd meaning “ Arnold Wayne Jones -Dallas









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