Éxito de crítica de “THE HAND” en EEUUcartelleralamano-1024x738

“As cryptic at times as Waiting for Godot, as gory as a midnight movie, The Hand can be enjoyed as dark Grand Guignol comedy or as a serious, violent allegory” Elaine Liner -Dallas observer-

“A suspenseful socio-political play with many onion-like layers that Baldwin unfolds with

delicious tension”“The story inhabits a land of dreamlike unreality mysterious treasures and quasi-absurd“Might be the hottest show on stage right now” Mark Lowry -TheaterJones- otherworliness” M.Lance Luck -FrontRow-

“Is there a mini Renaissance of Spanish Language Absurdist Theatre happening?”“The overall experience is like biting into a magical and luscious chocolate with an unexpected but very satisfying filling.” Mark-Brian Sonna -The column-

“This is absurdist theater with a sickly twisted sense of humor: Waiting for Godot as directed by Quentin Tarantino. (Director Andy Baldwin even kicks it off with Tarantino-esque mariachi music.) It’s a deliciously evil mindfuck of a play, part Sleuth, part Bunuel film, where the concept of “a pound of flesh” takes on an odd meaning Arnold Wayne Jones -Dallas Voice-

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